Audiobooks – The big benefits 9

Audio books are a big favorite in the U.S. and the UK emerging markets.
According to a US Marketdata Enterprises market report, more than $2 billion in audio books were sold during the course of 2005 in the USA alone.
The projected annual increase in spending in the U.S. audio books is conservatively estimated between four to marks. In the United Kingdom, Audio Publishers Association (APA) estimates that it will be doubling the size of the UK market for audio books from £ 75 to £ 150 within the next three years.

That is a lot of audio books, by anybody’s definition.
One of the many reasons for this increase to the sales of audio books is in the benefits from the fact that.

Blurred vision in the choice between the essential and bulky books in Braille and audio books on CD, would decide the vast majority of people blind to the second.
When it comes to new releases, purchasing an audio book online or downloading audio books from the internet, is markedly simpler and quicker than waiting for these titles to appear in Braille.

Studies Not all high school and college students are avid readers.
This can be problematic, given the ample reading required of students.
Fortunately, many of the prescribed text books for high school and college students are available as audio books.
This allows students to take notes while listening.
This is much quicker than the to-and-fro process needed when reading the printed word.
Take notes during the listen to audio books support the learning process, as both visual and auditory senses are involved.

Kinetic Kinetic learners ADHD and ADD, ADHD and ADD students need to move during their studies.
Audio books present the ideal solution to learners who fall within these three categories.
Students can freely move , while the content was presented.
No more striding up and down, book in hand, battling to follow the lines in the moving book.
The parents of ADHD and ADD children are considering download of audio books for MP3 player or iPod to their children.
The learners can then listen to the audio books through their earphones.
This eliminates the noise that would normally attract the interrupt learners attention and his concentration.

VDU VDU strain is a strain of the main view to a premature.
Most people spend a lot of time looking at their computer screens while at work and, when they get home, they perpetuate the strain by sitting in front of their television screens.
The truth is that listen to audio books is much more relaxing than watching TV.
You can lie back, close your weary eyes and allow your audio books to tell the tale.

The time factor In between household chores, family commitments and the pressure of work, most people simply do not have the time to indulge in reading.
This allows audio books very attractive option.
You can very easily listen to a favorite title while commuting to and from work.
This makes the journey seem faster.
Time spent attending to household chores could also become ‘reading’ time – courtesy of one of the many audio books available today.

Self development Another interesting statistic: Just over 20% of all audio books sold in the USA, fall in the self development category.
implication is that many people turn to audio books Life Coach.
Comparing the costs of a ‘live’ life coach to audio books, makes this trend very logical indeed.
You can buy audio books on CD, or online purchase audio book.
The choice is yours!

On the practical side, the capacity for 150 printed books considered necessary.
Then consider the space you need for 150 audio books.
It is no comparison, now is it? If you have been downloading audio books in contrast to the purchase of audio books on CD, it’s just a question of space on the hard disk.
You also never need to dust it .

On the convenience side What can be more convenient than finding the book you want and immediately having access to it without leaving the house? This is only possible in the world of audio books.

On the family side If you are a parent, audio books offer you the opportunity to reduce the time your young ones spend, eyes fixed, in front of the TV screen! Audio books will not only offer them entertainment, but improve their literacy too.
From the perspective of parents, l hear these stories with the children is a great time with children – the time that every child deserves.

Our list of advantages is not exhaustive.
In contrast, is much more to support the audio books say.
But, perhaps it would be better to allow you to enjoy discovering these by yourself.

CoolBeat Audiobook Publishing is committed to audio quality for our audiobooks. We use high-end studio grade microphones and recorders when creating our audiophile grade audiobooks, and our pool of Voice Talent is outstanding!

CoolBeat Audiobook Publishing


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