Google Top Listing – 3 Steps to Top Listing in Google

Most people know that your website listed on the first page of Google is the top priority if you want to get serious traffic to your website.
However most people have no idea how to do this.
You can pay a lot of money to one (SEO) search engine optimization company have that for you to do, but in most cases this is not necessary.

With a little effort you can easily get your site listed on the first page of Google for next to nothing and enjoy the benefits of a constant stream of targeted traffic to your website.
I have done many times and many of my friends and colleagues from websites .
If you follow the steps below you can’t go wrong.
But what are the basic steps you need to take you?

1) Find the best keywords to get listed.

This step is often overlooked but is actually the most important step.
It in vain for a top list to find on Google for a keyword that nobody uses.
Likewise a top listing for a search term that isn’t totally relevant to your site isn’t going to do you any good, no matter how many people are searching on it.
Google is a tool that will look for the number of people on a specific word or phrase to find.
You can then find the phrases that are a) highly relevant to your site and b) will attract the most searches.
To access this tool by ” ;Google Keyword Tool ” on Google and click on the top list.

Note: Try to pick the less competitive keywords.
They are often those that contain 2 or 3 words.
They will be much easier to get a top listing Google for.
The competitors Bar is in the left column of the Google keyword tool, you idea of this.

2) Pepper your website with the phrases you identified above.
This step is ” as ; On-page optimization ” and says that the Google search terms for your site listing.
You must limit the number of search terms you want to get a top listing for to 2 or 3 per page of your website.
The 3 most important places you should have your keyword phrases: – Your URL (Web address) as.
com / more-here-keyword – Your title tag.
This is a simple piece of HTML code that’s located in the “head,” or top, of your Web page.
By origin of web site, looks like this lt,title site description here full term lt Enter; / title gt; If you can not know how to change the website the web designer title tags easily.
– Your website copy – placing your keywords throughout the text in your website is vital if you want a top listing for those keywords.

3) Get your site has links to other relevant Web sites and receive high-level links to your site key to achieving a top listing.
This tells Google that your site is popular and valued by other sites.
But is not the number of links is the most important factor.
It’s the quality of the links.
Quality links from sites that have a high listing in Google itself, and relevant to come to your page.
Its no good getting links from low ranking sites or sites that have nothing to do with yours.
This can actually harm your rankings.

The 3 best places to get links from are:

– Directory sites that relate to your subject – do a search using the word “directory” and your keywords to find these.
– Article Sites: These are sites where you publish informative articles on your topic and can provide a link to your site.
Google values these links very highly.
The best presentation of the site Article Ezinearticles.
– Discussion forums and online groups that relate to the topic.
Post a useful comment on a forum and use your website link as signature.
Not open to advertise your site here, however, as one can get banned from the forum and will remove your post.


There are many marketing techniques and strategies out there, but how many of them will allow you to get free traffic to your website without having to spend hours or days following the procedures?

Grab Yourself A Top 10 Listing


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