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Every web designer the same question: “;What is the secret behind getting massive traffic to the site and maintaining the good Page Rank ” The best way to do this is to present your website popular in different directories on the Internet Web.
Web Directories are directories on internet whose main work is to link a particular website with other websites of same category.
By registering your site to these directories, you can use huge amount of real traffic and definitely affect the Page Rank.

There are various free directory available on internet where you can submit your web page free of cost.
Each owner should try this web directory, as he / she pays nothing for the submission and in any case, you get the result in a short time.
By submitting your websites here, your website will automatically connect with various search engines available on internet.
If you have enough inbound links to your websites submit your site for free land in the directory get enough traffic to.

Submitting website to such directory is always advisable to get back links.
These directories provide high-quality traffic to websites registered and genuine in their.
Some directories take 2-3 days for finalizing your submission while some takes around 1 month.
Remember to fill out in their correct form and send your link in the category and subcategory.
These directories have several categories like health, sports, entertainment, travel, technology etc.
The right presentation will definitely affect your ranking in Google, so do not take lightly.

Submitting your website to free directory is also advantageous for your website.
Maintain good transport links and get good page rank is only what’s in the minds of the owner when creating the site.
By submitting your website in free directory, you are just working on good SEO tips and listing your websites in various search engines.
Always try to websites, directories, submitting with a good reputation and page rank.
If you use proper keywords in your web page, than spiders of search engines will surely find you very easily even in free web directory.
Everyone should try this before any kind of paid time.


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