The law of non-resistance

It is said that the destructive force in the world that the resistance.
Resistance keeps us in bondage, causes turmoil, strife, unhappiness and poverty, and mental, emotional, physical and psychological pain.
Too often we have to buy into someone else, the perception of us and begin to respond, thus increasing the problem.

We sometimes feel the need to fight back, to justify or explain, only to find that the difficulty continues to expand as we resist another’s opinion about us.
If they resist or fight, it brings us only to the same level we think they.
The law of non-resistance tells us to “resist not,” “don’t take it personally,” or “what you think of me is none of my business.

“; Many think that is the law of non-resistance is weak or a doormat.
Nothing could be further from the truth.
Non-resistance is not indifference, it is not a sign of weakness or ignorance.
Non-resistance is stronger than resistance, it is powerful, and to actively engage in non-resistance takes great awareness, love, practice and bravery.
It is a wonderful story of non-resistance and a bag of cookies.
A woman was shopping and decided that she would break up the long day by stopping for a cup of coffee.

Do you have the coffee shop, bought a bag of cookies, put them in his pocket, took his coffee and turned to find a table in the busy cafeteria.
She looked around and there was not a table to be found.
Finally, he noticed a man read his newspaper at a table for four.
She approached him and asked if she could share his table and he agreed.
Sitting before him, opened her purse, pulled out a magazine and began reading.

After a while, she looked up and reached for a cookie, only to see the man across from her also taking a cookie.
She stared at him as if he dared! He smiled at her and she began to read.
Moments later she reached for another cookie and the man also took another cookie.
She was furious, but came back to read.
Time went by when she angrily glanced up from her reading at the remaining last cookie.

L man reached around, broke the cookie in half and offered her the bigger half.
She grabbed it, stuffed it into her mouth, the man smiled as she got up to leave.
She was steaming, l idea of \u200b\u200bhim taking his biscuits.
Her coffee break was ruined.
She opened her bag to put his newspaper aside and stared at us c had the bag of cookies by entering the cafeteria bought.
All along she had unknowingly been helping herself to the cookies belonging to the gracious man whose table she had shared.

Non-resistance is the secret of life, not take it personally.
The story is a perfect example of non-resistance.
The resistance is fighting what appears to be, not what really.
Non-resistance is putting ourselves in God’s hands and aligning ourselves with a higher purpose.
Resistance creates evil, poverty, misery and disease.

Resistance is produced by fear and fear is caused by the idea of losing control.
Oh how we love the control! We do events, so that we can always be sure to check on the results.
Once we understand that we cannot have control over every little thing, we can then lay down resistance and surrender to what is in control: God.
And we continue to let the run, universe.
What a relief!

The things that we meet in life do not hurt us.
If you are unable to influence us, our reaction to it that brings us pain.

The Bible tells us, “.
An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.
” (Matt 5:38) This speaks metaphysically to our tendency towards revenge, our desire to hurt those who hurt us.
Mother Teresa pointed out that if it were true, there would be a world of blind people, people without teeth.

Eric Butterworth reminds us that more than the human and the divine of our own l only as “; Match ” is to love, to bless and forgive.

What we resist persists.
If it is poised to withdraw non-durable power of our attention and refuse to participate in evil or error, so the lesson to be learned and then in the consciousness as a result of experience.

From the growth in consciousness we receive a blessing of greater good that transcends any harm the one in error tried to cause.
As Joseph learned ” ; for evil but God meant for good thought.
” (Gen.
50:19), less resistant, el other cheek does not mean a doormat.
It means to turn to the spiritual side of our nature, that part of us that can never be hurt and knows we are one with God and that no one can take or keep our good from us.
The secret of life is not taking it personally.
The secret to life is non-resistance.

For More Ä°nformation
The Forgotten Laws


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