Learn Ventriloquism – Getting Educated by a Professional

You must be willing to practice a few hours a week to master your skills.
As with any interest, having a mentor will greatly increase your learning curve verses learning on your own.
Read on for tips on where you can find a ventriloquism teacher.
There are forums, message boards, and websites dedicated to the performing arts, and it is likely that you will find a few ventriloquists lurking there.
A guide written by a professional ventriloquist is the second best tool in learning ventriloquism if you cannot find one in person.
These are usually held in comedy clubs, but may also be in hospitals and schools.
That is your chance to share your desire to learn ventriloquism, and see if he/she would be willing to help teach you the methods.
This would give you an even better chance to talk face-to-face with him/her, since you will need to be there to pay them for their services.

It is possible to learn ventriloquism without the help of a professional, but like anything, educating yourself on what works best is always better than just trying to pick it up on your own.



Make Money Online Working From Home?

Working in the comforts of your home, or just any place you feel comfortable while working is the most gratifying and fulfilling job you could ever have.

You can work from home and make money while having quality time with your loved ones.
And when I say a lot, I really meant not just hundreds, it could be thousands or even millions of dollars.

It is just a matter of finding the right job that will suits you and works best for you.
You just have to be patient, you have to be keen, and you have to know what you really want, to find the one that really works for you.

Be patient.
Whether you are involved in internet marketing, affiliate marketing, outsourcing, or you have a home business or in any kind of job, it takes a lot of patience to succeed.

But be patient and believe! Everything will be worth your effort.
It takes a lot of hard work and enthusiasm to build a successful work from home business.

Be happy.
Like the other jobs, it is impossible to accomplish something if you don’t know what you are doing in the first place.

Nothing compares to working from home while enjoying what you are doing and at the same time making great money!

For More Info:Making Money online & Working from Home

Child Custody – Strategies For Unwed Fathers to Win Custody

The statistics are even worse for unwed fathers getting custody.

I have looked at statistics from many different sources and no matter who the source is the numbers are always on the mothers side in custody battles.
The statistics vary from year to year and from source to source, but it is all a moot point.

But when you delve deeper into the reasoning behind the numbers, is it any wonder that they look as bleak as they do? Probably not.
In other cases the fathers are too young to share custody or take custody and the child spend most of their time with the mother and mother’s family.
But what about the rest of the cases?

If you don’t fit into one of the scenarios above, then your chances have just soared.
If you are a father who is involved in his child’s life, knows and sticks to the routine, and is dedicated to being a good parent your chances of getting generous visitation have soared.
If you get a routine set that works for you then you have already won half the battle.
You will want to be as involved as you can be, in as many routines as you can before your head to evaluation/assessment .
Coach their sports activities, volunteer at school, do everything you can to be involved and document it.
That will lead to the opportunity to get generous visitation.
When that routine is established, it becomes difficult to change.

So if you’re an unwed father who can take care of yourself and your child your odds of getting generous visitation are good.

For More Info:www.custodycenter.com

Tattoo Symbols – Tips For Getting the Right Lower Back Tattoo

More and more women are getting tattoos on this part of their body these days.

What kind of options do you have?

With so many designs and symbols to choose from, you may have a hard time making your decision.
If you’re in a band, for instance, you could have a guitar incorporated in the design or other music related symbols.
If you’re in love with a particular art piece or story, use it as inspiration.


Flowers are extremely popular elements in tattoo art.
Look over a flower meaning guide to determine which blossom represents you and your personality.

Celestial symbols

The sun, moon, stars, and heavens are all common elements found in tattoo symbols in every culture around the world.

A loved one

Many people choose to get a tattoo in honor of somebody else.
And then there are those who get a tattoo to honor a loved one who has recently passed away.

Nationality and heritage

Do the colors of a particular flag appeal to you? It’s not uncommon for people to use their country’s flag colors as part of their tattoo symbols.

Animals—both real and mythical

As mentioned above, both dragons and unicorns are popular in tattoo art, so it’s not surprising to know that real animals are as well.
Eagles are also popular as they represent courage, pride, and power.

There are countless tattoo symbols to choose from.
You don’t even have to settle on an existing design—you can create your own or have an artistic friend do so for you! You could also pay the tattoo artist to customize a unique design for you, although it will cost extra money.

“So Why Choose Tattoo Fever?”

Tips on Pencil Portrait Drawing – The Photograph

This subject could be a person, a pet, or a building.
You should always insist on certain minimum requirements regarding the quality of the photograph.

Naturally, the better the quality of the photograph the better chance you have of producing an excellent portrait.
There are many reasons for this.
This will not do, unless there is a clear understanding with your customer prior to starting the drawing.
Consequently, you will have an unhappy customer who often questions your skills instead of the quality of their picture.

* If your customer has a digital photograph, insist on .

* When the picture is still to be taken, insist on the use of a 5 mega-pixel digital camera or higher and make sure your customer sends you the unaltered version (no cropping or resizing) of the photo.
This will give you the opportunity to judge the quality of the photo before they snail mail you the original.

Here are a few more suggestions you may want to convey to your customer:

* For paper photographs, insist on a minimum head size of 2.
5 inches, measured from the top of the head to the bottom of the chin.

* Tell your customer to avoid posed subjects with unnaturally large smiles.

* If the picture is still to be taken, advise your customer not to use the flash.
Also, lighting coming from the side from one light source is a nice bonus.
This will give you a much better idea of the unique qualities and personality of the subject.

* For group portraits, insist not only on a group photo but also on separate photos of each of the subjects.

* If all else fails and if possible, take the subject photographs yourself.
And you actually can often do with less.
From experience, I can tell you that there is no way around this.


Realistic Pencil Portraits

Learn Digital Photography

Why would anyone want to enter this world? There are just so many things that can go wrong and this is one area of photography that cannot be reshot without redoing the whole event which is impossible.
Now if you have considered all the pitfalls and weighed the pros and cons and have decided that you are one of the chosen few and can stand the pressure, here are some pointers that will get you to the top of your game.
Learn digital photography

This may sound simple and quite broad.
If you are an accomplished film photographer learn all you can about digital photography.
For example, know the limitations and benefits of shooting with digital and what can be improved or rescued in the digital darkroom.
At my own wedding half the photos were lost because of film problems.
Firstly, the self taught route.
Get to know the types of shot people like and the scenes they prefer.
If you want to cheat a little go to a wedding photographer and ask to see their work or look at it on the walls of their studio or shop.
Offer your services to a wedding photographer as an assistant.
Here you’ll learn many tricks and techniques and will pick up tips that you won’t read about in books.
Your biggest hurdle is the transition from other genres of photography to wedding photography.
Some photographers go as far as preparing a shot sheet, a sketch of every shot at every location, so that they know one shot after the other and what is coming up next.
Maybe a bit overkill to some but the risk of failure is greatly reduced.
Dive into the deep end

Offer your services free to friends and family for all kinds of occasions as an unofficial photographer.
Get the main photographer’s permission and don’t get in the way.
Nothing helps better than experience and this helps you with the transition to bigger things.
It is a very competitive form of photography and many offer cut throat prices.
The final product should be the deciding factor and not the person’s wallet.
Learn more about photography and continue adding to your skills basket in becoming an accomplished wedding photographer.

Learn Digital Photography

Online Chocolate Classes

ImageIn college, my studies made me a scientist and a teacher.  I became a licensed biology teacher.  I taught in high schools for a couple years before my dream job and I came together in the same time and space.

It was my husband who actually took the phone call, from out of the blue, wondering if I’d be willing to work for Ambrosia Chocolate Company.  Duh!  That’s exactly what I wanted without even knowing the position existed.

I started working at Ambrosia in a quality control job (oh yeah, lots and lots of chocolate tasting) and then I moved into research and product development.  In case you’re wondering, that’s even more tasting!

For nearly 10 years I had my hands in chocolate, producing formulas for such companies as Pillsbury, Nabisco, Good Humor, ConAgra, Edy’s, Mrs. Fields, and Quaker Oats.

Besides making chocolate formulas, I learned to troubleshoot chocolate problemsfor businesses.  Sometimes over the phone, and sometimes in person, I would help resolve their chocolate and candy-making issues.  I learned a lot about what problems occur throughout the industry.

And, to expand my role, the company trained me to be a taster on their taste testing panel.  Eventually I ran taste test panelsfor the new products that we developed in our laboratory.

Now my passion is taking this knowledge and providing it to chocolate lovers, chocoholics, chocolate businesses, and anyone who enjoys chocolate in any form.  By doing this, I can help you can enhance your chocolate experience, whether you prefer making it or eating it.  This will boost your overall love and enjoyment of chocolate!

101 Essential Childproofing Tips

Dear Parent,

Let’s face it – Few parents know everything about childproofing their home, the outdoors and other areas. Children offer the challenge of being uniquely different from one another and many will get into trouble that others would never think about.

101 Essential Childproofing Tips Vol. 1” was written with the idea that parents just like yourself need to remain aware and be reminded of some easy to forget dangers that exist all around the home, the yard, the pool, the school and the outdoors. This simple to read format gives you tons of insight to challenging problems and encourages you to ‘think like a child’ seeing danger where it really exists.

Essential Childproofing Tips

iPad Video Lessons

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a personal professor on hand to show you everything from setting up your iPad to the iPad’s less-obvious features and functionalities?

Granted, this might be a difficult feat to achieve; as handy as it would be, most people don’t have a personal professor on hand to help them understand some of the most exciting and useful features the iPad has to offer.

BUT, that’s about it change. Why? Because I am a technology professor, and I’m here to help YOU!

Your daily 10 minute iPad lesson!

The Pad Professor is your personal professor. My videos will show you how to unlock some of the iPad’s most exciting and unknown features through simple, easy to follow online video tutorials.

The best part is, ten minutes a day is really all it takes.

I’ve spent a lot of time reading, researching and experimenting, and have now unlocked every feature that can be used. I believe that easy to follow videos are the best way to pass my efforts over to you with ease.

My time and effort has been condensed and simplified, and is available in fun visual presentations. Just ten minutes daily will provide you with all the know-how you’ll ever need to make the most of your new device.

For More Info:iPad Video Lessons

The Ultimate Home Study Course


Cover Hundreds of Medical Topics Spanning Over 3000+ Pages
Award Winning Course Previously Only Sold To Medical Professionals
Each Lessons Ends With Key Facts, Revision Tests+ Solutions To Reinforce Learning and Pinpoint Weaknesses
Detailed Illustrations With Labels To Aid Your Comprehension – And Boost Your Retention
Idiot Proof Coverage Of Every Region & System In The Body and Identify Specific Muscle Groups and Their Functions
Simple Explanations of Cell Structures & Body Tissue and Review Key Anatomy & Physiology Concepts
Perfect For Medical Practitioners, Students, Educators, Anatomists, Sports Trainers, Injury Law Attorneys, Chiropractors, Therapists, Nurses and Paramedics
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Computer Printable So That You Can Read On The Go
Compatible With Both Windows And Mac

The Ultimate Home Study Course