Child Custody – Strategies For Unwed Fathers to Win Custody

The statistics are even worse for unwed fathers getting custody.

I have looked at statistics from many different sources and no matter who the source is the numbers are always on the mothers side in custody battles.
The statistics vary from year to year and from source to source, but it is all a moot point.

But when you delve deeper into the reasoning behind the numbers, is it any wonder that they look as bleak as they do? Probably not.
In other cases the fathers are too young to share custody or take custody and the child spend most of their time with the mother and mother’s family.
But what about the rest of the cases?

If you don’t fit into one of the scenarios above, then your chances have just soared.
If you are a father who is involved in his child’s life, knows and sticks to the routine, and is dedicated to being a good parent your chances of getting generous visitation have soared.
If you get a routine set that works for you then you have already won half the battle.
You will want to be as involved as you can be, in as many routines as you can before your head to evaluation/assessment .
Coach their sports activities, volunteer at school, do everything you can to be involved and document it.
That will lead to the opportunity to get generous visitation.
When that routine is established, it becomes difficult to change.

So if you’re an unwed father who can take care of yourself and your child your odds of getting generous visitation are good.

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